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Meet Dr. Kyle Roberts

A Burning Desire to Help People Achieve Their Greatness

Dr. Kyle Roberts

Growing up, I had a lot of beautiful examples of how to follow your dreams while helping other people achieve and surpass obstacles. Sometimes, I found myself needing to steer them in the right direction. That was natural for me, as I was always the captain of the sports team, or in some form of leadership, because of my instinctive capacity and inner drive to excel.”

“There can be fallout from going all out, and having been an athlete my entire life, the physical, emotional, and mental toll that accompanies such dedication was enormous.”

Why Chiropractic?

Not so long ago, Dr. Roberts had aches and pains throughout his body and felt much older than his actual age. “My roommate at the time suggested that I see his chiropractor. It was then that I received my first euphoric chiropractic adjustment, and from that day forth, I have been more connected to myself and life.”

Because of the positive impact Dr. Roberts received from chiropractic adjustments, he wanted to share what a powerful source of healing chiropractic can be. He also is highly energetic and through trial and error determined that he is not suited for a desk job! For him, chiropractic was the perfect fit. “I also wanted to give back to my community in the same fashion that I experienced.”

So Dr. Roberts decided to attend chiropractic college. He earned a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in 2014.

A Passion for Helping Others As He Was Helped

Dr. Roberts wished that he had found chiropractic sooner, both personally and professionally. Sports injuries, jumping off roofs as a kid, and car accidents had negative effects on his body, and chiropractic has been healing it and allowing him to lead a fuller life.

I’m passionate about finding out what is going on with each patient’s body, mind, and emotions so that I can best help them reach their goals.”


Getting to the Root Cause

For Dr. Roberts, the traditional way of treating patients is to simply stop the hurt, without getting at the root cause, but masking a potential issue does not usually end well. He believes in utilizing a holistic approach, listening to the body because our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for.

In His Free Time

Dr. Roberts is still an avid skier, and he enjoys salsa dancing, yoga, functional movement, lifting weights, bodyweight mobility exercises, and of course spending quality time with family at home and the beach.

His nerdier side loves to go to seminars, participate in webinars, and read books. “The mind-body-soul connection is powerful, and as we all should, I believe in polishing it both inside the office and out.”

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