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About Us

Our Practice is Family-centered

Family wellness is our central focus at our chiropractic office since 2008. Friends & Family Spinal Care is passionate about working with Coral Springs and Parkland community members of every age and from every walk of life. We particularly love helping young, active families to live their best life through NUCCA Chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle habits.

We’re not a typical chiropractic office. We listen with care and concern. The concierge corrective chiropractic care produces results uncommonly achieved.

Our Purpose and Vision

Our purpose is to empower and adjust families to optimal health through Chiropractic.
Our vision is to create the healthiest families in the world.
Our core values are Compassion, Relationship, Excellence, Integrity, and Impact.

You Deserve Outstanding Results

We love changing lives and making a difference in your ability to shine and thrive. Our team helps people that suffered for decades before finding NUCCA chiropractic care. People often do not find answers to their problems in traditional medicine based on symptoms and drugs. We seek to find the cause of the problem and develop a plan to address the underlying issue causing the disfunction in the body. Patients often travel hours to receive our effective care.

Book an Appointment Today

Our family practice serves all ages, from newborns and seniors to athletes and accident victims. We’re honest, friendly and results-driven chiropractors. On-site digital X-ray technology is part of our diagnostic testing, and we feature complimentary consultations. Saturday appointments are available. Contact us today!


About Friends & Family Spinal Care