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Friends & Family Spinal Care Reviews

What Our Coral Springs Patients Say

At Friends & Family Spinal Care we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Years of Experience

The Doctors were very experienced. Dr. Brown’s assessment was accurate and he didn’t even know I had an MRI which stated the same results he did. His assessment was done by hand and obviously with years of experience! I will definitely refer some of my family, friends, and patients to them.

Veesheshta P.

Feel Like Family

Love the entire staff!! I never feel like just another patient. They make you feel like family and they genuinely care about you. Rare to see that in a doctor’s office!

Becky K.

Best Decision I Could Have Made

I learned about NUCCA Chiropractic at Wynmoor’s Health and Wellness club meeting in Coconut Creek, FL. This was all new to me, but seemed to make a lot of sense. I decided to go through their program. It was the best decision I could have made.

Nancy M.

Positive Results With Lower Back Pain

I have had low back pain about 20 years. Back in 1999, it was so bad one morning I couldn’t get out of bed. I had to crawl to the bathroom crying and praying the whole way.

My last flare up was September 2008. The pain lasted almost 6 months. I was on lots of Percocet and could hardly take care of my two year old. After months of physical therapy, drugs, and cortisone shots with no improvement, I found Dr. Brown. My sister-in-law was seeing a NUCCA Doctor in Illinois and raved about it.

After the first adjustment, my pain was gone! I am so happy! I can’t say enough- I feel like a new person! I am now able to be the wife and mother I want to be. Thank you to God for leading me here. Thank you so much Dr. Brown! God Bless!

Bonnie – Miami, FL

Lower Blood Pressure

There are not enough words to say thank you, you have given me my life back!

Over the past 5 years it seemed like my body was just falling apart, along with high blood pressure and several other things going wrong. What a blessing you have been, I drive 1 ½ hours to your office and it is worth every second of the drive. I have only had 4 treatments so far and I am feeling so much better, you have given me my life back. The best news of all is that my blood pressure was still running 130/85 even on meds, since receiving my NUCCA adjustments I have been tracking my blood pressure and it is running 118/75 constantly.

I wish I could get up on a soap box and spread the word to everyone how wonderful Chiropractic Care is with NUCCA, I so believe…….you are my angel, thank you so much for giving me my life back….plus I am sleeping again, something most 51 year women don’t do much of!

Janet Y. – Naples, FL

No More Ear Infections For My Baby!

My name is Tiffany and my husband and I have been seeing Dr. Brown for 3 years now. NUCCA has changed our lives immensely, not only physically, but it has taught us how to live a natural lifestyle.

We had our 1st child in April and like most deliveries it was not easy, not only for me, but for our newborn son. We knew that we wanted to get him checked by Dr. Brown immediately to make sure he came into this world subluxation free, so he had the best opportunity for amazing health.

Dr. Brown came to the hospital 10 hours after James was born and gave him his first NUCCA adjustment. It was amazing to see the immediate change in color in his face as his nervous system was cleared and the brain could communicate properly with the body! Ever since, James gets checked every 2 weeks to maintain his alignments. He has never had an ear infection, a fever, or anything other than a minor cold with a stuffy nose and has never taken any medication. When he did have a little runny nose, we brought him to Dr. Brown and got him adjusted and let his body heal naturally, which is very different from most parents.

Our friends kids are always getting infections, fevers, colds, and taking harmful medications. We are so blessed to have met Dr. Brown and had the opportunity to be introduced to NUCCA! Everyone needs NUCCA, especially children, to give them the absolutely best chance at amazing natural health!!

Tiffany B. – Wellington, FL

Headaches Gone!

Before I began going to Friends & Family Spinal Care, I suffered from chronic migraine episodes on a daily basis and couldn’t remember a pain free day since I was about six or seven years old. In addition, I developed constant dizzy spells and chronic fatigue in my teens. Standing for long periods of time was nearly impossible, and would often result in fainting and huge drops in my blood pressure. I lost my childhood battling debilitating symptoms and after trying countless treatments I thought that nothing would ever help me.

Since I discovered NUCCA, my headaches have been few and far between and I never feel dizzy anymore. At 18 years old, I am now more energetic than ever and now it is hard for me to remember the last time I was in pain. Thanks to Dr. Brown, I can now enjoy my life like I should have been for the last twelve or so years.

Megan G. – Coral Springs, FL

I have my life back!

I became aware of Dr. Brown and his amazing staff several years ago. For years I have been afflicted with headaches and migraines. There were days that my migraines would incapacitate me. Every month I would suffer from them.

Finally my opportunity arrived and without a second thought I made my appointment. Scans, x-rays, consultations all completed, treatment began. Excitement, anticipation and hope all coursed through me. First adjustment, second then third, no relief. Saddened but determined, I maintained communications with Dr. Brown. Every visit we would discuss how I was feeling and made strategies until the next adjustment.

Patience and determination have brought me to today. I am virtually migraine and headache free. My message to you is this….DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! Keep talking. Be as specific as possible and be patient. Remember, you did not get this way over night.

In the end you will be rewarded as I have, I have my life back!!!

Erin D. – Coral Springs, FL

TMJ Correction With NUCCA

I am so excited to see the incredible results! After coming to you 15 months ago with chronic neck pain, tense muscles in my back and TMJ, I am very pleased with the progress after a consistent, persistent plan with NUCCA. You are amazing! I had no neck pain within weeks of treatment, no tension and my TMJ is minimal (this is unbelievable since a specialist said I have no cartilage between my jaw and skull and would have to “live with” the TMJ)!

I just want to say thank you very much! I feel great and I know NUCCA is BIG part of the reason why!

Barbara – Parkland, FL

NUCCA Transforms Lives

Four months before I found NUCCA I was struck by a car. For those four months I was in agony. I couldn’t lift my arms, sit for long periods of time or turn my neck when driving. Everything was a struggle and extremely painful. An associate of mine recommended NUCCA. It as the best advice I have ever received.

Immediately after my first adjustment I felt less pain. In fact, a substantial amount of pain was relieved. With each adjustment I feel better and overall healthier. I can run again, turn my neck with ease, and my lower back has never felt so good. I originally sought treatment in Colorado and was very happy to find another NUCCA Doctor in Florida. Without a doubt, NUCCA changed my life.

Lindsay – Coconut Creek, FL

Degenerative Disc Disease – No More Pain!

I came in to see Dr. Brown with severe neck and back pain. I had been previously diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my neck.

I had tried physical therapy, exercises and chiropractic care years ago. After experiencing a NUCCA adjustment, I no longer had back pain. I feel as though the degenerative discs in my back are improving. I no longer feel like my neck needs to be cracked every few minutes.

Since I have been under NUCCA chiropractic care I have more flexibility, I can do daily household chores that were painful before. I urge others to try NUCCA prior to any surgery!

Christy – Coral Springs, FL


I was concerned about my health. I was very unstable and in pain on the right side of my shoulder. It affected everything and it got to the point where I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I didn’t think there was a solution. I took many pain relievers and thought I had to suffer through the pain. I am glad a friend of mine was like an angel and introduced me to NUCCA.

With the help of Dr. Brown I was able to get my health back. From the first adjustment I’ve noticed improvements. Slowly my body has changed and I have my life back.

I recommend NUCCA chiropractic because it is very different from other types and changed the way I think about adjustments. I am glad I am healing.

Belina- Deerfield Beach, FL


Friends & Family Spinal Care Reviews