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Dr. Juan Pablo Ahumada

Dr. Juan Pablo AhumadaDr. Juan Pablo Ahumada was introduced to chiropractic due to an injury sustained while playing soccer during his time as an undergraduate student. Chiropractic care helped him realize the power of chiropractic and how the body has an innate ability to heal from within. His passion for helping others coupled with his love for a healthy lifestyle led him to his calling of becoming a chiropractor.

Dr. Ahumada was under care of a NUCCA doctor which showed him how powerful upper cervical care is, which ultimately led him to overhaul his technique. He is extremely excited to become part of the team at Friends and Family Spinal Care.

Out of the office

Dr. Ahumada loves spending time at the beach, exploring our beautiful surroundings with his wife, Marisol, who is also a chiropractor. He loves dogs and currently has a precious Rottweiler named Mika. He also loves going to the gym and playing soccer.

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