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Jordan Coniglio

X-Ray Technician

Jordan“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person”

Education and Experience

Jordan attended the Keiser University of West Palm Beach and graduated with an Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology in 2021. She has been in the medical field for over a year and loves helping others and serving the community. “I am passionate about my career, and I hope to reach great heights in my professional life.”

Appreciating the Power of Chiropractic

From my personal experience with chiropractic care, it has been life changing for me. I’ve never thought about seeing a chiropractor until I started this job and I’m so grateful that I did because I was struggling with severe inflammation from my food allergies. I was very limited to what I could eat, and it was very difficult for me to go out to dinner without having a reaction. Getting adjusted has reduced my inflammation to the point where I no longer get brain fog anymore and I was able to enjoy certain foods again. Fate has brought me here for a reason and I want to inspire others with my story to let them know that there is hope.

In Her Spare Time

Outside the office, Jordan’s favorite hobby is doing outdoor photography and enjoying the beauty of nature. She also loves to spend time with her beagle and taking him to the dog park on nice sunny days.

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