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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and NUCCA

woman sitting leaning on chairNUCCA care may be valuable for improving the quality of life and sleep in some patients as recently reported in the literature. In this case series, a Psychiatrist screened 32 candidates, for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CSF), allowing 19 patients to participate.

What happened to these patients and how did they benefit under NUCCA care? Read on to learn more about natural chronic fatigue relief.


Even with Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is challenging to diagnose and treat. As a result, patients often suffer for a long time, as suspected conditions are ruled-out, leaving very few options for relief. For this group of CFS patients, study results revealed improved quality of life and better sleep following the NUCCA correction.

Six or more months of severe fatigue reported to be unrelieved by sufficient bed rest with a vague, ‘non-descript’ headache was required to allow patients into the study. Fatigue is often described as that ‘can’t get out of bed feeling.’

Conclusion of baseline testing, using the selected outcomes measuring patient quality of life and sleep patterns, allowed patients to receive NUCCA care for the next six months. At the end of the study, baseline testing was repeated. These findings were compared to results noted before beginning NUCCA care. Changes in patient reported outcomes score values were reported.

Benefits from NUCCA Upper Cervical Care

Patient quality of life and sleep quality were determined using “tried and true” questionnaires. After six months of NUCCA care, physical disability scores improved to 60.9 from 30.3. Mental health scores improved slightly to 74.7 from 68.6. Two subjects reported no change following NUCCA care; however, their condition did not worsen.

Patients sleep patterns improved following care from 12.1 to 6.1 as indicated by the 21-point scale, sleep quality form. Patient improvement occurred after the first NUCCA correction with maximum benefit seen after three months of regular NUCCA care.

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