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NUCCA Lowers Blood Pressure

man stressed wearing eyeglassesHow can a light touch on my neck lower my blood pressure? This is one of the most asked questions regarding NUCCA. According to a placebo-controlled study led by George Bakris M.D. he states “This procedure has the effect of not one, but two blood-pressure medications given in combination”. Imagine getting the same effect as two blood pressure medications with none of the side effects. This is the power of NUCCA.

A study was performed with 50 individuals who were in early stage high blood pressure and who were taking medications. This study required the individuals to stop taking their medication for the duration of the study. Out of the 50 patients, 25 of them were given sham chiropractic adjustments while 25 of them where receiving specific NUCCA adjustments.

Eight weeks into the study the 25 patients who were receiving specific NUCCA adjustments had significantly lower blood pressure than the 25 patients who underwent the sham adjustments because the patients couldn’t feel the technique, they were unable to tell what group they were in. X-rays showed that NUCCA realigned the Atlas vertebrae with the patient’s spine compared to when they first began. Those who received the real procedure saw an average of 14 mm Hg drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number), and an average 8 mm Hg drop in diastolic blood pressure (bottom number). When the results were brought to George Bakris M.D., he said “I don’t believe it”, he rechecked all of the data and it proved that NUCCA did, in fact, lower the blood pressure of the 25 individuals who received it. The other 25 individuals who received the sham adjustments saw no change.

NUCCA protocols call for an adjustment of the C-1 vertebrae or Atlas. The Atlas vertebrae hold up the head, just as the titan Atlas holds up the world in Greek mythology. So as you can see the Atlas is the most important vertebrae, as it holds up your head, and is where the spinal cord first passes through, so any kind of shift in the atlas can put pressure on the spinal cord which will cause a cascade of effects that include raising blood pressure. Usually, this shift is asymptomatic which means you’re not going to feel it. Most times the nerve pressure is so subtle that pain is not associated with neck misalignment or subluxation.

NUCCA procedure employs precise measurements to determine a patient’s Atlas vertebrae misalignment. When I say precise, it comes down to millimeters. Once the misalignment has been measured the Doctor will then use their hands to gently adjust the vertebrae back to its correct anatomical position, which causes a plethora of health benefits such as lower blood pressure. Now that you know how powerful NUCCA is, the next question is, who do you know in your life that can benefit from a NUCCA adjustment?

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