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Revitalize Your Life with Friends & Family Spinal Care

  • Our promise to you is correction with compassion.
  • Your health and life are too important to ignore
  • Thousands of people have been helped by this gentle and effective technique
  • Your future self will thank you for taking the next step
  • Your condition has a cause, and the cause has a correction
  • Our scientific system is only performed by less than 250 Chiropractors in the World
  • Feeling like yourself again can change everything
  • If not now, when will you take the next step?

Family at Sunset

What’s Included:

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Complete spine and nerve exam
  • Postural evaluation
  • Myovision nerve and muscle scans
  • Necessary digital x-rays
  • NUCCA biomechanical analysis
  • Complete case preparation & plan
  • Review of findings with doctor including recommendations using proven system

$400 value – Schedule now for just $79!


What some of our clients say…

Went in for my son that suffers with asthma. The chiropractors have all been amazing. Ever since my son has been getting adjusted his asthma has not flared up! I am so excited that I found Friends & Family Spinal Care.
– Beatriz M.

We are so pleased with Friends & Family Spinal Care and their wonderful staff. They are organized, professional, warm and friendly, knowledgeable. and so nurturing. Physically and neurologically we hav seen tremendous change and benefits for our entire family. We are forever grateful!
– Angela C.

Came here for neuropathy pain and lower back pain. After initial X-rays revealed I had a slanted neck they realigned me and my pain is 90% gone after 10 appointments! I highly recommend coming here to get checked out.
– Brad S.

This TEAM is awesome people all together. They are very clear & precise about our individual issues as clients. They take time with you & always about educating their clients. It’s very apparent they care tremendously about their clients. Very organized and efficient office. Never a long wait. Just five months in and I’m hooked. Their new office is beautiful! I have never left unhappy! More like inspired, despite my day. I have learned so much from this TEAM of great people. It is the best thing I ever did for myself in a long time. We need to take care of ourselves and this team helps you go in the right direction to do that. I love coming here.
– Jennifer P.

Woman getting an adjustmentYour decision today could be the very thing that makes the difference…

I’m sure you have so many questions:

Your current doctors are simply not trained to evaluate upper cervical spinal biomechanics and the science of NUCCA Correction. They are simply giving you what they have been trained to give you… typically medications. Medication has never fixed a spinal subluxation and therefore will never be the correction for the cause of the nerve interference. Your problem has a specific cause and requires a specific solution.

Are You…

  • Struggling with chronic back pain that keeps you up at night?
  • Frustrated with costly treatments that don’t deliver lasting results?
  • Seeking a compassionate care approach that sees you as a person, not just a patient?

Discover a Unique Approach to Chiropractic Care

At Friends & Family Spinal Care, we combine NUCCA Chiropractic Care with Corrective Exercises, and Lifestyle Empowerment to provide you with a care plan tailored specifically to your needs.


Revitalize Your Life with Friends & Family Spinal Care | (954) 369-1212