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Sciatica and Lower Limb Pain

athlete stretching leg on trackThe largest and longest nerve in the body is the sciatic nerve. Inflammation of this nerve is called sciatica. Sciatic sufferers will most commonly have severe pain along the pathway of the sciatic nerve, into the back of the legs, thigh, calf, and even sometimes into ankle, foot and toes.

Sometimes pain can be felt in the hips, the front or sides of a leg or even occasionally into both legs. The types of sensations felt can vary from being in pain, tingling, burning, pins and needles, prickling, tenderness, or a crawling sensation.

Sciatica can be disabling. Any posture or position including sitting, standing, walking, turning, bending or even sleeping may be very difficult to impossible.

Chiropractic has proven to have extremely positive results for people with sciatica. Spinal adjustments to the spine has corrected many thousands of dysfunctional spines and alleviated the suffering of sciatica.

Many sciatica sufferers have found chiropractic care to be superior over drugs, surgery and traction.

Since we are designed so that we do not feel everything that goes on inside of us, it is very common to have other nerve problems into internal organs. The same nerves that form the sciatic nerve also control function to areas like the bladder, intestines, and reproductive regions. It is a common scenario to have patients mention that these areas function more normally after chiropractic adjustments.

Even though the earlier you attack the problem the quicker results, Chiropractors are noticing profound help even for chronic sufferers. It is never too late to enjoy the positive effects Chiropractic has to offer. Don’t wait and book in for a spinal check up today.

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